At Cudo Financial Inc., we understand that you are unique. We believe that your experience with investing should be unique as well. We also believe that all investing should begin with a plan. By taking a planning approach, we are able to develop a personalized investment strategy that is tailored to meet your specific goals. We are dedicated to helping you develop a financial plan that can keep up with life’s dynamic changes.

Our goal is to build a dedicated and trusted relationship with each of our clients. We hope to help our clients achieve financial independence through personalized professional advice, sound risk management, and continual client education. At Cudo Financial Inc., we strive to provide a superior level of client service to ensure that our clients have an experience that is both personal and professional.

Discovery Meeting

Our process begins with a discovery meeting. We want to learn who you are, what your goals are, and what you are passionate about. We also want to learn about your fears and concerns. This helps us understand what needs to happen in your financial life to help take you where you want to be. Through this discovery meeting, our main goal is for both parties to get a feel for what a working relationship would look like going forward, in order to make sure that we’re both a comfortable fit for each other.

Designing a Plan

Once we have made a mutual commitment to each other to begin our professional relationship, we’ll start working with you to develop a personalized strategy that can help you achieve your goals. This process begins with an extensive exploration into your current financial situation, learning what your financial situation might look like in the future, along with defining any obstacles that you foresee along the way. After we have completed this discovery process, we will have what we need to be able to develop the base for your financial plan.

Plan Results and Strategy

In this meeting we will begin by walking you through the financial plan we have developed with you. We will discuss the data that has been entered into the plan and determine any changes that need to be made, and ultimately review the results of your plan. Once we both have an understanding of the “road map” that has been defined through the plan, we will then begin to discuss investment strategies we believe will help you achieve your goals.

Managing and Maintaining Your Vision

Once your investment strategies have been implemented we will proactively schedule meetings with you to review your progress with your financial plan and discuss any new details that may affect your goals. During our reviews we will also make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of your investment strategy, the individual investments that you hold, and the roles that they play in helping you acheive your goals.

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